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An unbiased approach

What you can't see might cost you thousands!

roof leak in bay window
Roof Leak in Bay Window

What you can't see might affect your family's health!

ceiling insulation missing
Ceiling Insulation is Missing

Keep your home or commercial real estate safe and sound

Family in front of home

Your home or commercial property is your largest investment. To protect your investment you need to keep up with its changing conditions. At, we utilize new infrared technology to see beyond what your eyes can't see to locate and identify potential problems inside your building's walls or ceilings before they lead to major damage.

Some of these problems, if left undetected, can potentially jeopardize the health and safety of your family, tenants or employees as well as cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Our technology can detect problems with moisture intrusion, thermal loss, electrical systems, ductwork, roofs, plumbing and other home systems.

Gain Peace of Mind

Using infrared technology to throughly analyze your building, you can gain peace of mind knowing your building is safe. Mold growth caused by moisture intrusion, fire hazards and thermal loss can not only affect your wallet but your health and safety.

In addition to unbeatable technology, we will also provide an unbiased approach to evaluating your home. Since we are not affiliated with any repair companies or contractors, you'll never have to worry about recommendations for repairs that you don't need.

Your safety and the condition of your property are our only concerns.

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