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An unbiased approach

What you can't see might cost you thousands!

 Shorted wire in wall
Shorted wire in wall

What you can't see might affect your employee's safety!

Hot electrical breakers
Hot electrical breakers

Commercial Infrared

Commercial infrared services are available for all types of facilities. Office buildings, retail centers, multi-family projects and industrial facilities all have significant and specific needs for infrared scanning

Save You Money

Let HoustonInfrared find problems in your facility that might affect your bottom line.The valuable information that you receive will enable you to manage your facility more cost effectively.

Keep Tenants and Employees Safe and Healthy

Keep your tenants and employees healthy by ensuring that their workplace is clean of pollutants like mold caused by moisture intrusion that may affect the air they breath. You may not see it but it can make an impact and be a significant liability.


Our pricing for commercial buildings varies by type and size of facility. In most cases the cost averages about 3-5 cents per square foot. Please call or email us for an exact quote.